International City Codes — Cyprus

Country Code +357

In 2002, Cyprus completed a transition an eight-digit numbering plan. 
The 0  prefix was abolished for all fixed line calls within Cyprus. 
The 2 digit and the area code were incorporated into the existing number.

District Old Number New Number
Nicosia (02) ΧΧΧΧΧΧ 22ΧΧΧΧΧΧ
Famagusta (03) ΧΧΧΧΧΧ 23ΧΧΧΧΧΧ
Larnaca (04) ΧΧΧΧΧΧ 24ΧΧΧΧΧΧ
Limassol (05) ΧΧΧΧΧΧ 25ΧΧΧΧΧΧ
Paphos (06) ΧΧΧΧΧΧ 26ΧΧΧΧΧΧ

For mobile services, the 09 prefix was replaced by digits 99. 


Old Number

New Number

CYTA (GSM 900) 09YΧΧΧΧΧ (Y=4,5,6) 99YΧΧΧΧΧ
Soeasy 098ΧΧΧΧΧ 998ΧΧΧΧΧ
Short Message 
Service Center
+357 9 700000 + 357 99 700000
Paging 097ΧΧΧΧΧ 997ΧΧΧΧΧ

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