International Dialing Codes -- Australia

Country Code +61

International Calling Cards
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Area Codes by Region and State

Central East Region
(New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory. parts of northern Victoria)


South East Region
(Tasmania, most of Victoria & parts of southern New South Wales)


Digital GSM Mobile phones
(All States)


North East Region


Central & West Region
(South Australia, Northern Territory & Western Australia)


Notes about mobile phones in Australia

Digital GSM Mobile phones (area code 4): the Australian GSM mobile standard is GSM 900/1800, with CDMA service in some areas.

Telstra discontinued its AMPS-800 analog network nationwide in 2002, having replaced it with a CDMA-800 network.  Orange also offers CDMA service.

Here's a list of the mobile networks active in Australia:

GSM-900  Singtel Optus (Australia Wide)
Telstra (Australia Wide)
Vodafone (Australia Wide)
GSM-1800  3-Com (Some Major Cities Only)
CDMA-800  Telstra (Australia Wide)

Click here for information on GSM carrier-specific features.

GSM roaming agreements exist between Australian and USA carriers for those with Dual-Band 900/1900 or Tri-Band 900/1800/1900 handsets, or USA-based SIM cards can be used in GSM-900 and 1800 handsets.

The Australia Communications Authority is
responsible for administration of Australia's telecommunications policies.


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