China electrical outlets

A variety of electrical outlets can be found in China, so a good all-around adaptor plug set is recommended.   

A common type of outlet in newer buildings is shown at right.  This outlet can accept the standard Type A and common Type I plugs as well as the not-so-common (for China) Type C plugs.  This outlet was in Henan Province, but the same was seen everywhere from Shandong and Heilongjiang Provinces in the east to Xinjiang Province in far northwest China.  Both the upper and lower outlets can be used simultaneously.

However, in older structures one might find outlets that will accept only Type A (and maybe Type C as well) or only Type I.

Common China outlet
Type G outlet On the other hand, one might also find Type G outlets.  While at one time their use might have been limited to the southern coast near Hong Kong, today they can be encountered far from there (though HK investment might still play a role in their placement).  

For example, the outlet at left was found in a five-star hotel in Beijing.

Keep in mind that no matter what type of plug an outlet might accept, voltage in China is 220V 50 Hz.

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